Yachts for Sale

How to Get the Best Deal When Boat or Yacht Shopping

With so many new boats and yachts being manufactured each year and even more people wanting out of deals they made earlier in the year, the inventory of boats is plentiful. This is the perfect time to buy your boat, and if you are a savvy shopper you could really save a small fortune when you are ready to buy. The following tips on how to get the best deal when looking for yachts for sale or your next boat purchase will allow you to keep more money in your pocket while enjoying your time out on the water with family and friends.

Yachts for Sale1. Consider Used vs New – There are plenty of boat owners in your town who have to get out of their deal for whatever reason. Not only are these boats in excellent condition, they are usually only a year old with minimal miles on the engines. Here you have the chance to negotiate for a great price for the boat and possibly many of the accessories you would have had to pay for eventually anyway. Ask the owner if they would be willing to include safety equipment, fishing gear, and the boat trailer in the price for the boat. Many motivated sellers will welcome the idea of you taking everything off their hands for one price.

2. Social Shopping – Go online and join a Facebook discussion group for boating in your town. Once you are registered, you can scan the page for anyone who is looking to sell their boat. In most cases, you can discuss all the things about the boat before you even drive to check it out. If the boat is at the marina, be sure to take it for a test drive, you must be 100% comfortable behind the wheel or it will diminish your overall boating experience. The group will be willing to offer any help about questions or concerns that you have, as well as telling you whether the price is a good deal or not before you close the sale.

3. Boat Shows – The local boat show has an abundance of boats for sales and people in the know who will answer all the questions and concerns you have. Not only are deals being made all day at these boat shows, you could get some nice discount coupons to use at local boat dealers to help drop the price of boats they have for sale. Sometimes the deals are so good at the show that you could really walk away with a bigger boat at a fraction of the price you were willing to pay. For more info fell free to visit –