How to Use Social Media to Promote your Business

Social-Media-in-BusinessTop social networking website are free and offer an affordable solution to promote your web site and to keep existing and new customers chatting about your company. I suggest you get busy developing a presence on as many of them as you can. Here are a few easy and quick hints for using a number of the most famous social media sites Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google plus (the top ones) to help drive customers and interest to your company and services:


  1. Set up a company page on post and Facebook unique offers (at least once per month) to all individuals who Enjoy your page.
  2. Request customers to share images in your Facebook page that reveal them using their preferred merchandise they purchased from your site.
  3. Reduce your workload while enlarging your advertising efforts on Facebook: Instead of managing a private page as well as a small business page, only let subscribers in your own personal Facebook page. Subscriptions let you send public upgrades your subscribers can see.


  1. Use Twitter to tweet unusual or fascinating facts about your company or products and offer a link to that product page in your website.
  2. Send out short suggestions on the best way to utilize your products or services via Twitter.
  3. Follow clients and sellers along with industry analysts, journalists, powerful bloggers, and others using a big following and critical influence in your company or sector.
  4. Use boosted tweets and Twitter cards low-cost methods to market your goods in Twitter.
  5. Get more exposure by tweeting videos and images related to you or your company to your followers.


  1. Recommend and support customers to see and share your videos with others, and often add fun and useful videos
  2. Create a YouTube channel for your web business.
  3. Launching a video competition:
    1. Every week, post a brief (two minutes or less) video of suggestions being offered by yourself for your customers, for example presenting the best way to utilize something that you sell.
    2. Request customers to submit video reviews and post them on your own YouTube channel.


  1. Join LinkedIn groups that will be popular with a lot of your customers, and often remarks or post questions associated with services or the products you offer.
  2. Add SlideShare and PowerPoint demonstrations, PDFs, pamphlets, and videos to your own profile below the Overview section to supply interesting content that anyone seeing your profile can download or share.
  3. Post fascinating content to other company and your customer -connected groups and support opinions or feedback.
  4. Begin an Hangout. Use Hangouts On Air, video software and the multiuser chat in Google, to produce a quick video which may be looked at in real-time or archived in your YouTube station for seeing afterwards. Discuss a fresh service or product, or chat with an existent client to use as a review.
  5. take up a Google community on a subject linked to your organization, and Launch a Google profile for your company. Often post information in your Google company profile as well as the community .


  1. Set up a Pinterest profile for your company, creating more or one Pinterest boards with merchandise interests or motifs associated with your organization.
  2. When immobilizing a picture to a board in Pinterest, add a brief text description to supply interest and added info. This Pinterest feature that is underused can create a lot of pins that are shared and perspectives.
  3. Hold a competition in your web site by supporting customers to immobilize a picture of one of your merchandises to their Pinterest boards.

Suggestion!  Try finding a college student part-time or contact your local college and see about an intern program.  A paid internship offers an opportunity to take advantage of a knowledgeable “social media” manager for a very minimal fee. More good research on using social media to promote your business here.